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Nobita and his friends take a stand to keep the peace in space. Nobita and his superhero TV show-loving friends use Doraemon's secret tool, the "Director Burger," to start shooting a science fiction movie of their own. However, an alien who crash-lands on Earth mistakes them for real superheroes, which leads to a showdown with space pirates.

Movie Information

Japanese ドラえもんのび太の スペースヒーローズ
Romaji Name Doraemon: Nobita no Supēsu Hīrōzu
English Name Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes
Director Yoshihiro Osugi
Producer Shin-Ei Animation
Writer Fujiko F. Fujio & Higashi Shimzu
Screenplay Higashi Shimzu
Music by Kan Sawada
Studio Shin-Ei Animation
Distributor(s) Toho
Release Date 7 March 2015
Running time 100 minutes
Country / Language Japan / Japanese
Box Office $36.0M

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Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes (2015) is the 35th installment of the Doraemon feature films. While filming a home movie, Doraemon and the gang get mistaken for real heroes. Before they know it, they’re in a real outer space adventure! One day Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo were shooting a film as space heroes. When they were shooting the film in the open lot a boy called Aron comes and alerts them of aliens attacking his planet. They agree to help him by turning into real superheroes, but it isn't as easy as it looks.

Characters and Cast

Character Japanese Voice Artist
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta
Nobita Nobi Megumi Ōhara
Shizuka Minamoto Yumi Kakazu
Takeshi 'Gian' Gouda Subaru Kimura
Suneo Honekawa Tomokazu Seki
Tamako Nobi Kotono Mitsuishi
Gian's Mom Miyako Takeuchi
Burger Director Mamiko Noto
Aron Marina Inoue
Hyde Yuji Tanaka
Ogon Yutaka Furukawa
Meba Alisa Mizuki
Ikaros Masachika Ichimura
Councillor Motomu Kiyokawa
Secretary Nobuyuki Kobushi
Grandpa Nobuaki Sekine
Space Pirate Minions Katsumi Toriumi, Kenji Kitamura
Children Ai Fukada, Kanami Satō, Tomomi Tenjinbayashi, Shiori Matsuda


Opening Song Yume o Kanaete Doraemon
Ending Song Sanbyaku rokujuu do
Other Song Mirakuru Ginga booei-tai no teema

Movie Story

One evening, a space transport collides with the slope at dull evening. The following morning, Suneo, Gian and Shizuka choose to make a film about a space-based legend film Gatekeepers of the World, which is a supernatural current blockbuster.

In the mean time, Nobita rubbers band workmanship before the small children, and heads towards the slope where he finds his three companions shooting the film. Gian and Suneo caused Nobita to proceed as the beast, as Nobita needed to act. Gian beats Nobita as he was a space outsider, where Nobita takes off to his home to ask help from Doraemon. From that point forward, the two re-visitation of the slope and Doraemon takes a contraption from his pocket, which is a movie chief called Burger chief. They generally become space legends (utilizing a "genuine light", which made their outfits genuine) and with the assistance from Burger, they began battling a phony space beast.

Afterward, an outsider from another planet show up to ask help from the space legends and they consented to follow him. On the space apparatus, the outsider named Aron uncovers himself as the sheriff of Pokkoru planet which is brimming with mice. He was fortunate to get away from the quest for security staff of "Diversion Land Space" (who are really outsider privateers). The next morning, Aron and the observation bunch enter the Pokkoru planet. After that Aron attempts to caution the councilors and public to stay alert, however nobody trusts him. Nobita finds a few outsider privateers so they drive him away, where he goes down and drops the star peak down in the wells.

Luckily, Aron finds Nobita tied by ropes and unintentionally left his camouflage dynamic realizing that Space Land is sucking the energy plan of the planet to kill the Arumasu star. In any case, Aron and Nobita were found by Meba, and Gian and Suneo were captured before by Ogon. Shizuka, Doraemon and Nobita had seen the star floating toward him, and they realized something was off-base so they salvage them and their companions. Albeit the salvage was effective, Shizuka was gotten by Haido. To make Aron's gathering give up, he takes steps to spear her, yet Burger chief shows virtual pictures to terrify Haido and save Shizuka.

At the point when every one of them cover, the gathering started to part and Aron learns reality with regards to the legends, yet at the same time he lauds the gathering as legends since they actually came to the Pokkoru planet for aiding him. The gathering chooses to assist with saving the planet, where they move directly to the pinnacle bunch Space, while the inhabitants of Pokkoru knew nothing about their risks. Meba and Ogon show up to obstruct and battle the gathering, while Haido and his gathering is in the storm cellar beneath the pinnacle. Meba assaults Aron and Nobita attempts to help, yet was inadvertently magically transported inside the privateers' boat because of the belt on Meba's abdomen fell against him, Shizuka then, at that point, battles and losses Meba, while Gian additionally overcomes Ogon.

In the interim, Doraemon, Suneo, and Aron heads towards the storm cellar, however Haido utilized his contender to pursue them away. Shizuka and Gian show up and crashes Haido's contender, bringing about Haido getting thumped in the accident. Subsequent to standing up to Haido, the gathering gains the privateers mysterious to take jewels from the Arumasu Star. Nobita battles with Ikaros alone, where he finds that Ikaros is excessively feeble (because of inaccessibility of energy from graphite - a significant part of the Arumasu star) and rapidly overcomes him.

Subsequent to learning the mystery out, the gathering gets back to the boat making a beeline for debilitate launchers, however they were past the point of no return in light of the fact that Ikarosu had previously set off it. Fortunately, they stops the star blasts after Burger Chief rewinds the time Pokkoru planet has not sucked the energy to reestablish the existence on their planet. They save Pokkoru planet from obliteration and the inhabitants continuously apologizes to Aron for not confiding in him. Afterward, the gathering says goodbye to Aron and return to Earth.

Scenes from the Movie

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